About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of St. George Orthodox Cathedral is to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, and grow in our Christian faith by joyfully serving and uniting all people through love, charity, education and worship.

Vision Statement

  1. The parishioners of St. George will reach out to people of the Worcester community as well as provide a safe haven (safe place) for the community.

  2. The parish will develop active teen and young adult ministries that provide increased opportunities for involvement in the parish and in the greater Worcester community.

  3. The parish will increase membership within the Parish Community as well as understanding of each other.

  4. The parish will increase participation of its parishioners or members in all aspects of Church life.

  5. The parish will increase the educational opportunities for its parishioners.

Core Values

  1. Sharing Christ with all

    Reveal Christ to our parish and the community through a Christ-like example of love, acceptance, compassion, and by proclaiming the Word of God.

  2. Learning and Teaching

    learn the Word of God through the study of Scriptures and through the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. We proclaim God's Word by allowing our learning to transform our actions and behaviors towards those with whom we interact.

  3. Living our faith

    Through Orthodox Christian education, we increase our knowledge of the faith sacramentally, liturgically, spiritually, and scripturally as the Body of Christ in order to grow in and live out our faith.

  4. Fellowship

    Cohesive in communal faith with and in Christ through ministries engaged with all ages.

  5. Love bears all things

    Care for all, to be a cheerful, humble giver and serve with our whole being.